The overall emphasis in the course is on understanding effective communication in a variety of forms:
•    Written
•    Personal Interaction/ Listening, Speaking, Working in Groups etc.
•    Reading
•    Visual and non verbal communication
•    Media Studies – (Looking at how newspapers, radio, TV, Advertising etc, Communicate)



This module examines all the aspects of a healthy diet and the benefits of the various nutrients.  Menu planning and food labelling are also investigated so that the learner is enabled to make healthy food choices appropriate to the various dietary requirements depending on age, activity and health status.



This relates to confidence building & self esteem.  It explores an individuals own intelligences/abilities and key interests.  It links with Career Guidance, designing a Curriculum Vitae and Cover letter, also giving information relating to job searching skills and Interview Technique.  It also examines further options in education, career progression and the world of work.



The main purpose of this course is to provide the learner with the necessary knowledge, skill and competence to provide excellent customer service within a work, social or voluntary environment.

The course also provides an insight into consumer rights, regarding the legislation to protect the consumer within both the service(s) and employment sector.


This course sets out to develop a greater understanding of health and safety within the   workplace. The course is designed to develop skills in manual handling and safe systems of work. The course shall also examine the importance of the legislation in place regarding health and safety within the work place.


PAINTING - Level 4

This course is suitable to newcomers to the world of art and also to those of you who have some experience.  At the end of the course, you will have produced several pieces of work and also gained experience experimenting with the materials.

The students will use various media including watercolours, acrylics and pastels.  We will also use pencil, charcoal and plaster of paris.  We will explore colour mixing and the use of materials – papers, canvas, plaster board, paint etc.

Subjects will include studies of objects, landscapes, flowers, portraiture, life drawing and abstract and experimental work, Students are encouraged to come up with their own ideas and interests.  We will also get a chance to study some art history through DVDs and books. As well as the actual art work itself, students are required to keep a notebook to record their own progress.



Covering the following topics:

•    Computer Essentials (Theory & File Management)
•    Online Essentials
•    Word Processing
•    Spreadsheets
•    Presentation
•    Using Databases
•    Image Editing

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